8 Minute Morning Workout Routine

Mornings are, to put it bluntly, hell for some of us. The sound of the alarm clock violently ringing in our ears rips us out of rest and puts us instantly in a bad mood. Worst of all, we’re completely aware of being in a bad mood, but believe we’re powerless to stop it.

We have to wait until the mood burns off and hope we don’t do anything we’ll regret later. It really doesnt have to be like this though you can easily boost your mood in the morning with a simple workout that will help you lose weight and wake you up, starting off your day in a different direction.

This morning workout contains 6 exercises. You can even do this in the am routine 3 to 4 times through for a 12 to 16 minute workout

Jumping jacks

If you couldn’t already tell, I love lower body workouts. I love leg day so much, in part, because I like having a nice butt 😉 But what really makes glutes and quads my favorite thing to work on is that they incorporate the whole body. Squats are one of the best moves for burning calories for this very reason – they engage your legs, butt, and core! That’s why I – once again – am sharing a leg & booty workout for you all to try at home. Here’s a sneak peak:

What You’ll Need

For today’s workout, you don’t need any weights (unless you want to kick it up a notch). All you will need are:

  • A Bosu Ball (or even a block or box could work)
  • A Resistance Band that you can wrap around your ankles (So, preferably, a band without handles)

Most gyms should have this equipment and if you’re working out at home all of this can be bought at your local Target, Walmart, and even at Marshall’s/TJ Maxx!

Worst case scenario: you don’t have any equipment to use? Not a big deal – a chair, block, or bench could work in place of a Bosu Ball.

You can also use just your bodyweight for all of these exercises. The added benefit of the Bosu Ball and the resistance band is that it requires balance, working your core, and provides additional resistance, making it more challenging. However, if at any time during the workout you find a move too challenging you can alwaysmodify the move by simply removing the equipment.

How it Works

This workout focuses on muscular endurance rather than strength so you’ll perform 15-25 reps of each exercise, moving from one exercise to the other without rest. You’ll complete the exercise sets 3-5 times, with a pause in between rounds.

How many repetitions and rounds you do is up to you – everyone’s fitness level is different so the workout is made to be flexible! However, be sure to challenge yourself. If you think you can only do 3 rounds, try 4. You might realize that you’re stronger than you think!

The Exercises

1) Upside-Down Bosu Ball Squat: 

With the bubble side of the Bosu Ball on the floor (modification: have the hard surface on the floor, making it easier to balance) stand on top of the hard surface of the ball and squat. Looks something like:

2) Bosu Ball Uneven Squat, Right Side:
3) Bosu Ball Uneven, Squat, Left Side

With the bubble facing up, place your left leg on to the top of the ball. With toes facing forward, lower yourself into a squat. Make sure to keep your chest up, shoulders down, and place your weight in your heels. You’ll do the same thing on the other side with your right leg on the ball. Looks like:

4) Bosu Ball Single-Leg Bridge, Right Side:
5) Bosu Ball Single-Leg Bridge, Left Side

Laying with your back on the floor, place your right leg on top of the ball and extend your left foot 6 inches from the floor. Using your right leg, push yourself up to bridge position. Switch Sides. When done correctly, it should look similar to this:

6) Resistance Band Side Raise, Right Side:
7) Resistance Band Side Raise, Left Side

With the resistance band around your ankles or over the tops of your feet, slightly lean into your left side. Then, with your left leg bent and supporting most of your weight, raise your right leg to the side as high as you are able while maintaining good form. Should look something like this:

8) Resistance Band Kick Back, Right Side:
9) Resistance Band Kick Back, Left Side

Similar to the side raise, lean into your left leg and raise your right leg behind you. Be sure to squeeze your glutes and thighs while doing this exercise for best results. An example:

10) Resistance Band Squat Side-Step

(Alternating leading foot each round): With the resistance band around your ankles, lower yourself into a squat. Then, while remaining in the squat position, step as far as you can to the side. You should feel heavy resistance as you side step; if it doesn’t feel challenging enough, get lower in your squat. Alternate the leading foot each round or halfway through one set.

Stand with your legs together and your arms down at your sides. Keeping your arms and legs straight, separate your legs about 3 feet and raise your hands above your head in one jumping motion. Return to starting position


Start in a traditional push up starting position, your feet a couple of inches apart and your arms directly under your shoulders. Keep your abs tight and drop your body straight down bending just your arms. Go back to the starting position.


Image result for Sit-ups gif

Lie flat on your back with your knees slightly bent and legs fixed. Lock your hands together behind your head. Breathe out while elevating your upper body until it creates a V-shape with your thighs. Wait for a second, then lower your upper body back down, inhaling. This is one rep.

Mountain Climbers

Image result for Mountain Climbers gif

Start with a plank position. Move your right knee to your chest and put it back. Repeat this with your left knee. 30-60 seconds repetition will be perfect.

Bicycle Crunch

From the starting position, keep your right leg extended so that it is hovering above the floor, and bring your left knee into your chest. Immediately after you’ve brought your left knee to your chest, extend your left leg completely so that it is straight and hovering above the floor.  Bring your right knee into your chest (in a pedaling motion.) While your legs are pedaling, incorporate a twist in the upper body, meeting the knee at your chest with the opposite elbow (e.g. as you bring your left knee to your chest, twist your upper body to the right so that your right elbow touches your left knee.)


Image result for Plank

Get into a press-up position. Bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Suck your belly button into your spine to engage your core. Hold in this position for a few seconds, and prolong this with time, as you are more experienced.


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